Bulk Madness


Last weekend, we got the bug to organize our bulk food drawer. We buy a lot of our food from the bulk bins, so it’s important that we can actually access it. The project began with wanting to reorganize the spice cabinet, but we needed to get another shelf for the cabinet in order to maximize the space. The cabinets in our kitchen are from Ikea, so we thought it would be easy to just get a generic replacement shelf (we thought wrong, but that’s another story). Since we were going to Ikea, we decided we would look for jars and cannisters to hold our bulk foods (the 16 oz mason jars have just not been cutting it for everything). Our trips to Ikea are always harrowing. I think it might be the arrows on the floor that direct you through the entire store and don’t let you out until you’ve gone through every section. Anyway, here was the problem with our bulk foods drawer:

bulk foods before

We ended up getting a few cannisters there, but then had to go to Storables for the rest of the cannisters. After many hours of working on the project, we fit all of our bulk items into the cannisters. Though, we ended up having to turn our bulk drawer into a bulk cabinet, which is not as user friendly (the drawer was not strong enough to hold the food and the jars). The outcome is this:

bulk foods after

Much better! I actually enjoy scooping out the grains etc., instead of getting frustrated with all of the bags piled on top of one another. Plus, barring any bad falls on the part of the cannisters, they should last many years. We may expand to a second shelf eventually, but this works nicely for now, since it holds all of our essential bulk items.

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  1. Oh my word! Your before picture looks exactly like my current pantry. I’m so motivated to organize it now.

  2. Ikea always has that buy-one-get-one-free policy in the self-checkout lanes… i hope you took advantage of that.

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