Playtime with Saoirse

It’s been 5 weeks since we brought Saoirse home. In my last Saoirse update, I posted generally about how things were going and how she and the other animals in our family were adjusting to life together.  Today, I’m pleased to say that every day she gets a little more comfortable in her new home. She loves mealtime (we’ve transitioned her over completely to Maizy’s whole-foods vegan diet). She loves bed time and burrows into the covers with her body snuggled up against me. She loves TV time, when we all sit on the couch and she gets to use Maizy as her own personal couch:

Apparently, she also loves blues. We were doing a little cleaning on Sunday morning this weekend while listening to some blues on the radio. Saoirse was quite happy to just lie there and listen to the music while we cleaned:

Above all, Saoirse loves to play. Maizy has always been a really playful dog and for nine years old, she still has so much energy for playing. She really just wants to have fun. And Saoirse shares this approach to life. They make quite a pair. Sometimes they race around the house and Saoirse jumps all over the place, leaping high over Maizy and sometimes running under Maizy. Maizy growls her playful growl. Maizy rolls on her side and nibbles on Saoirse and Saoirse grabs at Maizy with her tiny paws.

They are adorable and crazy and have so much fun together. They like it best if we sit on the floor and let them play on top of us. I honestly don’t think I’ve laughed this much in years. Watching them together is hilarious and it makes me giddy with joy to see Saoirse enjoying life.

In those moments when she is playing with Maizy, I know with some certainty that she is not thinking about her time in the lab.


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    1. Thank you, sweets! Still slightly sniffly, but much much better. Hope you are all well in your cozy neck of the woods! 🙂

  1. these pictures got me a little misty 🙂 what a sweet happy little pinto bean! and maizy is such a good big sister!

  2. I just can’t decide which picture is the sweetest! Ohmygoodness! She and Maizy look so happy. If you are trying to rehome the beagles from the lab, this would be the perfect outreach tool!

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