VegNews in the Mailbox


Remember when we used to actually get mail in the mailbox that we actually cared about? The art of writing letters on paper and having them delivered to loved ones by the U.S. Postal Service has quickly been replaced by more immediate communication–email, texting, the telephone. I love a good letter in the mailbox and I keep a little stash of stationary, sealing wax, and a seal for special communications. But in general, I bring in the mail each day from our rusty little mailbox with little enthusiasm and sometimes I don’t even bother to thumb through the stack of junk before tossing it on yesterday’s junk mail and bills. This mail-apathy is delightfully interrupted when VegNews arrives! Published only every two months, the wait time in between the issues is agonizingly long, but so worth it. VegNews is a vegan magazine dedicated to reporting on all things vegan–news, books, films, politics, recipes, restaurants, travel, health–an all-around delight for any vegan, vegetarian or person interested in learning about a vegan lifestyle. When I see that VegNews sticking out of the mail box, my heart skips a beat. Honestly. I savor it and ration it and only let myself read a couple of pages at a time. Sometimes I can make it last a week that way before I settle into waiting for the next issue. I save all the past VegNews issues I’ve gotten and have a nice stack for rainy days. When my sister was visiting this summer, we were talking about Baltimore (where she lives) and I suddenly remembered that VegNews had done a feature on Baltimore a while back and I scurried to my pile of magazines and actually found the article for her to read. VegNews has a website with lots of great information, too. Check it out for yourself. A mentor/friend of mine gave me a subscription several years ago at a time when I didn’t know very many vegans and was just starting to shift to a vegan lifestyle, and I was feeling quite isolated. VegNews really helped me through that time because they are devoted to making veganism fun and provide a kind of community dedicated to being kinder to animals, the planet, and each other. What can be better than that?

Do you read VegNews as religiously as I do? What are your thoughts?

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