(Re)learning to Sew

Last quarter, I taught a new course at University of Washington — En Vogue: From Feathers to Leather — about the animal, human and environmental impacts of the fashion industry and garment production (with a focus on leather, wool, feathers, and fur). Going into the course, I really had no idea how students would respond […]

Cookie Mix Jars

On our crafting day last Thursday, Tish and I decided to make cookie mixes in recycled mason jars. There are lots of recipes floating around online for these and we improvised, using some recipes for guidanceĀ and creating a veganized recipe that we hope you’ll like. We used 24 oz spaghetti sauce jars. The recipe here […]

Vegan Lip Balm

I might have mentioned it before, but Thursdays are days I set aside to do craft projects with a good friend of mine. We instituted this schedule about 6 weeks ago and have stuck to it, spending at least all afternoon on Thursdays crafting, and often dedicating the whole day to our crafty projects. We […]