(Re)learning to Sew

Last quarter, I taught a new course at University of Washington — En Vogue: From Feathers to Leather — about the animal, human and environmental impacts of the fashion industry and garment production (with a focus on leather, wool, feathers, and fur). Going into the course, I really had no idea how students would respond […]

Introducing Salt

Salt spent only a few hours with us on Friday morning after we picked her up from the lab, but I wanted to share a glimpse of her story with you since we don’t always get to hear stories of hope and liberation. Ferrets are used extensively in biomedical research. In Salt’s case, she was used to breed a […]

Pints for Pigs Peace!

Okay folks, get ready to have some fun! You won’t want to miss this awesome fundraising event if you’re in or around the Seattle area on January 11, 2014. The lovely Anika over at the Vegan Score blog and I are hard at work organizing Pints for Pigs Peace (benefitting Pigs Peace Sanctuary and the Northwest Animal […]

Near Escape: A Story from a California “Livestock” Auction

A group of young breeding bulls just sold at auction were herded into the chute to the transport truck. Their coats were black and shiny and they were in good shape. Strong and energetic — the picture of health. Two men herded them, one with a paddle and the other with an electric prod. As they neared […]

Thinking Animal Emotion in the Midst of Teaching

The quarter is in full swing, which means that teaching has completely absorbed my time and energy. Amazingly, the class has remained full and the students for the most part all seem engaged. It is so exciting to hear their ideas about the readings and watch as their thoughts shift and evolve with the material […]

Animal Rights 2012 Recap Part 1

No post for the last week! I have just had the most wonderful week away from my computer. It started out by flying into Baltimore. My sister Lucy picked me up from the airport early Tuesday morning. We spent all day Tuesday, Wednesday and some of Thursday hanging out and it was a blast. We […]

Sanctuary: An Intentional Community

Good morning, readers! And a warm welcome to any new readers now following. 🙂 Last week, I left you with a note nudging you over to MindBodyGreen and a promise to be back soon with updates from the sanctuaries I visited. Here goes!  On Wednesday morning, I had breakfast with Eric’s brother’s family and said goodbye to them. It was a […]

Guest Post: Animals, Violence, and Social Justice

Today we have the treat of having a guest post from my very own sister, Lucy Gillespie. A while back, Lucy called me, upset about an experience she had had in her workplace. She works in a mediation (or ‘alternative dispute resolution’) center in Baltimore, MD. She has been trying to think through the experience she […]

General Exam: Day 3

Today was the third day/ third question for my general exam. I woke up at 5am this morning, which was a nice improvement on waking up at 3:30 am the past two days. I felt pretty well-rested and ready to start writing. I’ve been enjoying all of the snacks I prepared for the week, but […]

Week in Review: Summer Abundance & Animal Love

The week in review. This past week has been partly about the bounty of late-summer harvest, and partly about animal love. Monday September 5th: A post on the glorious Pigs Peace Sanctuary, where 190 rescued pigs reside in a peaceful and happy setting. Tuesday September 6th: I joined Farm Sanctuary’s Walk for Farm Animals and am […]