Guest Review: Veggie Grill Comes to Seattle

Veggie Grill finally opened last week in Seattle. We’re itching to try it out. I’m really hoping for onion rings when we go. I’m in the midst of a long-term onion ring saga. By saga, I mean I crave onion rings weekly and rarely get to have them since most onion rings are not vegan. Today, we are lucky to […]

Two Degrees Bars- Review

Recently, someone from Two Degrees contacted me and asked if I’d like to sample and review their bars. I’ve had the chance to try them and have Eric, his mom and stepfather and Karen and Oliver try them as well. So I think we’ve got a pretty wide age and gender demographic of sampling. I’ll […]

SoL Sunflower Milk, Plus GIVEAWAY

A while back, I wrote a post on Nondairy Milks for the Pantry Basics series. I mentioned that I had purchased a carton of SoL sunflower milk, but that I hadn’t tried it yet. And I promised to report back. Shortly after that post, I was contacted by the company and they kindly agreed to […]