Week in Review: Preparing for the Holidays

My dad usually comes out west during the holidays each year. He arrived on Thursday and he will head down to Portland to visit his mother and brothers for about a week. Usually, we have a very low-key Christmas and either go down to Portland to visit my grandmother, or stay here and make a […]

Week in Review: Random things and the Generals Exam

The last week or so has been up and down. My anxiety level has been pretty high. I think it’s been a combination of the fact that Thanksgiving break really wiped me out, and I had ‘December 5’ looming in front of me. Well, today is December 5th, and that means that I have to […]

Week in Review: Thanksgiving Recipes

This last week has been filled with recipes for lovely food that would be great for Thanksgiving. I’ve been cooking a lot to experiment with creating vegan versions of some of the Thanksgiving favorites. In particular because I’d been cooking so much myself, it was a real treat to go over to my mother-in-law’s house […]

Week in Review: General Exams and New Life in the Garden

This week was a big week consumed with taking the general exam. It was exhausting, and thought-provoking, and I am so glad it’s behind me! Eric and I have been taking a break from work and school since Friday night and it’s been glorious. Friday night, I finished my exam at 7pm and we went […]

Week in Review: Arrival of Fall

This week really has felt like fall in Seattle. The leaves are definitely turning. The days are mixed with foggy rain and crisp sunny weather. We’ve spent the weekend doing some last minute studying and preparation of the house for my qualifying exams, which I am starting on Tuesday! Yikes! (More about the exams tomorrow). Monday October […]

Week in Review: Vegan Food and Political Action

This week I recapped my wonderful trip to New York City. After returning from my trip, I spent this week playing catch-up on my school work and home responsibilities. It’s crazy how I can be gone for only four days and still get so behind on so many things! Monday October 17th: Recap of Day 1 in New York. Delicious […]

Week in Review: Keeping a Routine

This week came with some very tragic news in my family and so it seems a little weird to have spent the week posting about exercise and food. However, dealing with the death of someone in your life seems to maybe be tempered a bit by continuing a familiar routine and reminding those around you to continue a routine–continuing to […]

Week in Review: Book Giveaways & Tea Festivals

This week was better than last week–Thank goodness. My dad was here and we worked A LOT. While he was visiting, we set up two computer stations so we could both get our work done at the same time. It was so nice having him to talk to while I was working, but we still […]

Week in Review: BBQ, Bans, and Bananas

This was a doozy of a week. I’m applying for an NSF grant to fund my dissertation research on dairy cows in the Northwest and the proposal is due this coming Tuesday. I did a near complete rewrite on Thursday, Friday and Saturday. I still have more work to do, but it’s getting closer to being ready. Plus, […]