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My dear Serenity in the Storm readers (old and new!), I am so excited to share with you the fruits (raw foods pun intended?!) of my labor over the last several months. I have been hard at work writing Serenity in the Storm’s first e-book — Gently Raw — and it’s finally here and available for you to purchase. If you’d like to check it out further, you can go to the Gently Raw e-book page. You can view the table of contents and sample pages there and purchase the book, or you can simple scroll to the bottom of page to buy the book now.

You don’t have to be raw, or interested in going raw, to use and enjoy this book. The book is useful for incorporating more WHOLE, RAW, VEGAN, and GLUTEN- and GRAIN-FREE foods into your life in any level and capacity. When you purchase Gently Raw, you will receive a PDF file, viewable on your computer, tablet or smartphone for easy and transportable use. The book features:

  • 78 pages of content
  • 27 delicious recipes (some old favorites, but mostly new)
  • full-color photographs of every recipe
  • my journey to raw & how eating mostly raw has changed my life
  • tips on raw pantry basics and kitchen tool recommendations
  • thoughts on how to incorporate more raw foods into your diet, the cost of raw food, how to help others, and suggestions for seasonal eating
  • a moderate approach to raw foods that can fit everyone’s lifestyle

When I set out to write the book, I wanted to write a book that was mostly raw. Some of the raw foodists I know are very strict and rigid in their diets (which is great for those who respond well to that, but that’s not me), and I wanted to promote a more flexible, easy going approach to raw foods. One that could be taken up by anyone in any degree (whether that’s incorporating a green juice into your current daily routine, going fully raw, or somewhere in between). The recipes in this book are all easy to make. They are all made with predominantly raw ingredients. Non-raw ingredients in the book include things like maple syrup or certain spices, but all of the major ingredients are raw and packed with nutrition. Some require a little advance planning (soaking nuts, for instance), but most can be made and enjoyed in no time. As I was transitioning to raw foods, I was frustrated by how many raw recipes required a dehydrator. To encourage ease and accessibility, none of these recipes uses a dehydrator. They are all easily made with a knife, food processor, and/or blender.

Thank you, as ever, for your support and community and I hope this book will inspire you in health and healing! I would be so grateful if you would spread the word about Gently Raw on your social media networks and with your family and friends, if you’re so inclined.

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  1. WhooHooo! I just bought this Ebook and it is FABULOUS! Thank you, Katie, for such a beautiful cookbook. I am trying to figure out how to give it as a gift(s). Congratulations and thank you again! 🙂

    1. Thank you so much!! I’m working on adding an option to give it as a gift. Coming soon! 🙂

  2. The book–what I’ve seen of it– is beautiful; that purple dessert, to name just one of those I hadn’t already seen, is stunning. All the photos are radiant.

    But now I am interested in the salads, to introduce further variety into my own salad making. I’ve been making the same salad–8 or 10 raw ingredients, sometimes with the addition of a hard-boiled egg or two, or occasionally with some chipped asiago, so not always vegan–several days a week, and I never tire of it. I recommend two discoveries of mine, which may have come from you, for all I know: that a delicious dressing can be made from nothing more than fresh-squeezed lemon juice and grated pepper (sometimes also dried basal flakes or whatever else appeals, each ingredient added separately, no oil desired or required). I think that’s probably something you suggested; and my discovery is that chips of crunchy fresh ginger scattered throughout a salad add a delightful extra zing. I heard that raw ginger is double-plus-good for you; it being a post-1984 world, I don’t recall what it’s good for, maybe memory.

    Anyay, I have learned so much from you (and my brother, who eats raw) about the wonders of eating vegan and raw. I’ve got to have a copy of your first recipe book. Congratulations on finishing it! No rush, though. Since I happen to know where you work , I am sending the $12 for a copy of GENTLY RAW directly to you; Paypal is no pal of mine.

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