Chocolate Peanut Rice Crispy Treats

So yesterday was the last day of my summer class on doing multispecies ethnography and we spent the day at Pigs Peace Sanctuary. The students turned in their ethnographies on Tuesday and presented them for the class and so yesterday we spent our time volunteering at the sanctuary – it was raining hard the whole time and after we […]

Summer Raspberry Smoothie

Last weekend, Eric and my friend Amy and I went raspberry picking. We ate raspberries while picking until our stomachs hurt and then took home a whole bunch of raspberries. I froze half and we ate half fresh. All week we’ve been eating raspberries and one way we’ve been enjoying them is in this super […]

Blueberry Streusel Coffee Cake Muffins (with GF option)

As promised in my last post, I have for you today a delicious coffee cake/muffin recipe. As I was panicking the day before my defense about whether to make coffee cake or muffins, I realized I didn’t have to choose: I could make coffee cake in muffin shapes! I adapted this recipe from The Savvy Vegetarian and […]

Roasted Radishes

Does anyone reading remember the television program Faerie Tale Theatre with Shelley Duvall from the mid-1980s? They did these amazing performances of popular fairy tales. Rapunzel was one of my favorites and I have this vivid of memory of the beginning of that episode where Rapunzel’s mother, while pregnant with her, has this intense craving […]

e-Book Launch: Gently Raw

My dear Serenity in the Storm readers (old and new!), I am so excited to share with you the fruits (raw foods pun intended?!) of my labor over the last several months. I have been hard at work writing Serenity in the Storm’s first e-book — Gently Raw — and it’s finally here and available for you […]

Quick Potato Tacos

I rarely make potatoes for breakfast because I have this idea that they take way too long to cook. Then I decided to dice the potatoes into tiny, tiny cubes so they would cook faster. These tacos cook up in 15 minutes or so and are really easy to make. These can be endlessly adapted to […]

Marionberry-Blackberry Corn Muffins (Gluten-free)

I’ve been pretending today is Saturday. The cold below-freezing weather in Seattle has given way to rain and, in the spirit of a damp Saturday morning, I decided to make some gluten-free corn muffins. It’s always so cozy to have the oven on and something baking on a dreary December day. These would be a great […]

Pierogies, Pierogies! A Review of Fire & Earth Kitchen

Guess what I spent the afternoon making yesterday? Okay, so it’s not hard to guess. Pierogies! Pierogies are eastern European potato dumplings, and can come with a range of fillings and toppings. When I was a kid, my mom used to buy pierogies from these Polish church ladies who would periodically make them, pack them up […]