Chocolate Covered Strawberries

We’re coming up on strawberry season and there are few foods that are as enticing or as pretty as chocolate covered strawberries. We dipped about 75 strawberries for the vegan baby shower we just hosted and they were a hit. The best thing about chocolate covered strawberries is that they are extremely EASY to make. The only […]

Vegan Blueberry Cream Cheese Muffins

When we were snowed in last week, I got an unreasonable hankering for blueberry muffins. And not just any blueberry muffins…cream cheese blueberry muffins! We trudged up to the grocery store in the snow with Maizy (she loves the snow!) and got some frozen blueberries and some pretzels (for snacking, not for the muffins). These […]

Apple-Pear Pie and Apple-Pear Crisp

This past weekend, in an effort to use up some more of the pears from our pear tree, I decided to make some apple-pear pie. Our next door neighbor, who just moved back into her house, had an abundance of apples weighing down her little apple tree. Along with the pears, I used some of […]