Carrot Cake

For years, I’ve been making vegan carrot cakes from recipes I find online or from vegan cookbooks, but recently I wanted to play around and create my own recipe. The recipes I had been using were good, but I always found something I didn’t like about the recipes – either they were too springy/spongy, too […]

Chocolate Peanut Rice Crispy Treats

So yesterday was the last day of my summer class on doing multispecies ethnography and we spent the day at Pigs Peace Sanctuary. The students turned in their ethnographies on Tuesday and presented them for the class and so yesterday we spent our time volunteering at the sanctuary – it was raining hard the whole time and after we […]

Autumn Morning Glory Muffins

As I recall, I didn’t have my first morning glory muffin until later in life than I probably should have. I remember it well. I got one from Rainbow Grocery on Capitol Hill in Seattle and loved it (this was well before it, sadly, closed). I’ve been thinking about morning glory muffins a lot lately […]

Frozen Banana Blackberry Torte

Since Eric and I have been eating raw, we’ve been eating a ton of frozen banana soft serve ‘ice cream.’ If you’re unfamiliar with this delightful treat, it’s just frozen bananas in the food processor (or high-powered blender) until smooth and creamy. It’s the best soft serve ice cream I’ve ever had. I don’t know […]

Nectarine Crumble on a Cloudy Morning

Morning! I woke up this morning to a foggy Seattle day and, as I was drinking my green juice and reading my blog reader, I was delighted to find that Carrie of Carrie on Vegan had posted two lovely recipes for peach crumble. Thanks, Carrie, for a little inspiration on a cloudy morning! I love peaches […]

Blueberry Coffee Cake (Gluten-Free & Vegan)

I went back to the naturopath on Monday and was graduated from a no-grains-except-brown-rice diet to a gluten-free diet. This opened up another world of grains and flours and I celebrated this week by experimenting with a gluten-free coffee cake. I have to say, I haven’t had a ton of gluten-free vegan baked goods that […]

Raspberry White Chocolate Layer Cake

  When I was a teenager growing up in Pittsburgh, a small catering kitchen and cooking school opened around the corner from our house, called Food Glorious Food. Brad and Tom are the owners and they have grown the business into a successful neighborhood staple, offering a bakery several times a week. Lines are out the door to […]