You know how sometimes the most basic, boring foods can taste so good? I’ve been feeling that way about raw walnuts lately. I have been in a major food rut these past few months and have not been enjoying eating much, so this love for the walnuts is really saying something. The highlight of this food rut is that I’ve been eating this amazingly good oatmeal every morning topped with walnuts, cinnamon, coconut oil and a little dark brown sugar. Heaven! The raw walnuts are especially good, and I find myself munching on some while I wait for the oatmeal to cook. I don’t know about you, but usually if I’m craving a whole food like raw walnuts or kale or beans, I indulge that craving because I’m guessing that my body needs something from that food. Certainly it would be overboard to eat cups of walnuts everyday, but a handful a day is great! 

What’s the deal with walnuts?

In addition to being tasty, raw walnuts are really good for you, too. Thank goodness! They are rich in Omega-3 fatty acids and help to promote heart health. They are also high in B6, B9, and Vitamin E. According to HuffPo, walnuts protect brain function as we age, they lower cholesterol, they may reduce breast and prostate cancer growth, they are loaded with antioxidants… AND if my series on childrearing is actually making you want to have kids, walnuts apparently help to boost semen quality, so grab a handful of walnuts before you jump in the sack!

Do you have a food that you can’t get enough of lately?

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