The Little Chihuahua (San Francisco Mexican Eats)

I just got back from a whirlwind trip to San Francisco after my Pittsburgh travels. I stayed with my good friend Tish and her partner, Jason. They were wonderful hosts and live in a beautiful apartment in the Lower Haight. Everything is in walking distance — lots of amazing food, groceries, Golden Gate Park, etc. A […]

Experiments in Raw Food: Southwest Raw Zucchini “Pasta”

A lot of times I make foods that aren’t what I would call blog worthy. They’re things that I might enjoy eating in the moment, but they’re not really the kind of thing I would ever necessarily serve anyone else (you know, like those meals where you open a can of beans, pour half the can […]

Gates’ Vision of the Future of Food

No doubt some of you have already seen the news that Bill Gates is advocating plant-based “meat” alternatives as a solution to the environmental drain on resources by the global production of animal products. If you haven’t seen it, you can see the snazzy slideshow here.  On, the Future of Food is pitched in these terms:   “Meat […]

Grilled Artichoke Melt Sandwich

One of my favorite things to eat these days is the artichoke melt sandwich at Chaco Canyon Cafe in Seattle. It’s a hot sandwich with artichoke spread, cashew cheese, veganaise and topped with sprouts and cucumber. Lately, I’ve been pulling out the sandwich press at home and making grilled sandwiches that are a variation on this. You do […]

Thoughts on Tradition

Yesterday, in class, I asked the students to shout out responses and we brainstormed on the board. First was…What constitutes home? comfort family love safety security bed food Next was… What constitutes food? taste nutrition comfort community satisfaction access Then I asked the class to think about familiar traditions that are centered on food: Barbeque […]

A Vegan Diet for Dogs

Last year at around this time, I reported about our transitioning Maizy (the dog with whom we share home) to a vegan diet. Maizy had struggled for years with an allergic skin condition, early onset arthritis, diarrhea, ear infections and weight gain. When she first came to live with us, we went through every low-allergen […]

Feed the Movement

As the Occupy movement thunders along with no hint of going away anytime soon, there have been some exciting and innovative alternative models emerging for how we relate to one another outside of more typical market economic relations. One of these movements is ‘Feed the Movement’, an informal coalition devoted to donating produce from small, […]