Great Projects: Animal Rights 2012 Conference Recap, Part 3

I learned about some new-to-me amazing projects at the AR conference last week. They are all working to make change in really creative ways. The Sea Shepherd Conservation Society Okay, so this organization is not new-to-me, but I love the work they do so much, I had to feature them here: Established in 1977, Sea […]

Celebrating Adrienne Rich

When I was 16, I took my first class at the University of Pittsburgh–a feminist writing class taught by Sharon McDermott. The class changed my life at the time and introduced me to feminism in a way that has stayed with me since then. One of the authors we read was Adrienne Rich. Rich has written extensively […]

Guest Post: Animals, Violence, and Social Justice

Today we have the treat of having a guest post from my very own sister, Lucy Gillespie. A while back, Lucy called me, upset about an experience she had had in her workplace. She works in a mediation (or ‘alternative dispute resolution’) center in Baltimore, MD. She has been trying to think through the experience she […]

General Exam: Day 2

Another day of examining is done. I completed the second question and am ready to pass out. I had a slow start this morning and have spent the day struggling to stay awake and keep my mind sharp! I promise–some recipes and non-school related posts soon–for now, I will just leave you with today’s very […]