6 Fascinating Documentaries

I spent quite a bit of the holiday break (when I wasn’t just working straight through it) watching documentaries. I like watching documentaries for fun because I feel like it’s a chance to relax in front of the television, but it’s still productive because I’m learning something new. I thought I’d share with you some […]

Gates’ Vision of the Future of Food

No doubt some of you have already seen the news that Bill Gates is advocating plant-based “meat” alternatives as a solution to the environmental drain on resources by the global production of animal products. If you haven’t seen it, you can see the snazzy slideshow here.  On GatesNotes.com, the Future of Food is pitched in these terms:   “Meat […]

Voting for Justice?

I hope you all are planning to get out and VOTE today! If you haven’t voted yet, read this later and get your behind to the polls! And I hope you’ll think about equality and justice for all while you’re there. These last few weeks in my “Animals, Ethics, and Food” class, we’ve been talking […]

General Exam: Day 2

Another day of examining is done. I completed the second question and am ready to pass out. I had a slow start this morning and have spent the day struggling to stay awake and keep my mind sharp! I promise–some recipes and non-school related posts soon–for now, I will just leave you with today’s very […]